There’s a sense of pride in having the greenest lawn on the street. There’s nothing like you or your child playing on a thick, lush sea of green.​

There's an art to making a lawn look lush, thick and emerald green. It's starts with the right amount of water.

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We provide unparalleled solutions for automatic, in-ground sprinkler systems. We can design a system that will meet your needs and the needs of the landscape around you.

"I’ve been using Professional Irrigation Design for nearly 10 years at my residence, and I could not be happier. They initially worked with my landscaper to do my initial installation, which is no easy feat. I was not looking forward to trying to coordinate the work of two different companies, but PID took that burden off me and worked directly with the landscaper for my property. Joe and his team continue to maintain the system year after year. They winterize my system around my schedule (I often wait until well into autumn to winterize) and are very responsive if I have a service request. The pricing is straightforward and fair; I’ve never felt “nickled and dimed” when a repair was needed. You’ll be in a long-term relationship with your irrigation company, so be careful to pick one that is customer focused. I’m glad I found Professional Irrigation Design all those years ago."      - Robert S.

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Professional Irrigation & Design

Specializing in design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems in the Greater Pittsburgh area and beyond.


A professionally designed, installed and maintained irrigation system will enhance the health and beauty of your lawn.


By specializing in the field of irrigation, we are able to provide our clients with the latest technologies, time-tested installation techniques and responsive service.